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Entertaining With :: Elizabeth Mollen

Elizabeth Mollen began developing her eye for design from a young age. Inspired by her grandmother’s success as an artist and antique dealer, Elizabeth knew she was destined to pursue a career in the arts, and eventually, interiors design. Today, Elizabeth has a lot to be excited about: a thriving textile and interior design studio, a baby on… read more

Weekend Notes

Morning, lovelies! I’m in Dallas at a conference and doing work meetings this weekend, and while it’s been so good catching up with some of my best blogger friends from around the country, I’ve really missed my usual weekend cuddle time with Phoebe today! Looking forward to getting home and squeezing in some laid-back family time… read more

Transformed :: Mirror Goes Gold

Happy Thursday! Claire here and if you are familiar with my transformed projects you know I think everything looks better with a little gold. Decor at Camille’s office is no exception! Things over at the new office space are moving along wonderfully, and we can’t wait to show you the finished product, but first I… read more

Transformed :: Designing Camille’s Office

Happy Thursday! The first week of February has been quite a whirlwind. The construction on the new Camille Styles office is wrapping up, move in has begun, and I can’t wait for the full reveal. Until then, I thought I’d share the design process behind Camille’s personal office space. Camille’s design aesthetic is elegantly simple.… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Sheer Elegance

There’s just something about sheer, featherweight textiles that illustrates elegance in the most simple way. And with spring right around the corner, these sweet fabrics and frocks are certainly top of mind (along with the vision of gentle beams of sunlight making their way through sheer draperies…) Picture that special set of lace-y lingerie or… read more

Bring it Home:: If Your House Were A Person

Do you ever watch design shows in which the designer’s first task is to identify the homeowner’s personal taste? The wife will proclaim “I love bold reds and leopard” and the husband says “I can only live with neutrals” and chaos ensues from there. Often people use colors, places, or time periods to describe their… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: A Boho Home

We all love a gorgeous, well-designed space — a home where every detail is thoughtful, intentional and purposeful, and not a single item appears to be out of place. But then there’s the opposite — you know, those spaces that look effortlessly unpredictable and anything but “designed”. In those homes, great style appears to have… read more

10 Best :: Office Spaces

As I type away at my slightly-too-high dining table, with spindles from my wooden dining chair digging into my back, I’m thinking that today’s round up might just be the most envy-inducing one yet. If you’re not up to speed, our team is currently counting down to the day we move into our new office… read more

Entertaining With :: Timothy Corrigan

A little bit of insider info: we plan our editorial calendar out way in advance… especially when it comes to the holiday season. Over the last couple months, we’ve been planning for features like last week’s giveaways, our 12 Tastes of Christmas series, and everything that falls in between. While we work hard to stick to our regular programming,… read more