There are few things as satisfying as updating your home’s interior. But whether you go big and invest in new furniture or just want to change up the vibe with new lighting and accessories, costs can add up quickly. I always have grand ideas about how I want to change my living space until I start doing the math and panic sets in—and never end up doing anything. I call it price-induced decision paralysis! So, whenever I feel like I’m in a decorating budget fear spiral, I turn to one of these nine cheap home décor sites.

Small details can bring meaningful changes to any room, things like a new rug, a few jaunty accessories, or even a simple blanket adorning the back of a well-loved couch can make a big impact. Conveniently, beloved clothing brands like H&M and Urban Outfitters now have huge home sections that make stylish home décor goods accessible to all.

There’s no telling when inspiration will hit so be sure to bookmark these affordable home décor sites so you can snag something new to refresh your home in a snap. It can be as simple as a new set of chic candles or go big with a gorgeous rug (one that won’t make you feel like you need to eat ramen for the rest of the month). Everyone deserves to have a well-loved, chic home that is a reflection of their own personality, regardless of budget.

Read on for some of our favorite cheap home décor sites and favorite pieces:

1. Target

How did anyone do anything before Target? Have you seen the latest Studio McGee collection for fall? Say no more. This much-loved megastore has everything for everyone, including gorgeous home décor options that span all styles and aesthetics. No matter what your vibe might be, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at Target at an exceedingly reasonable price point.

360 Lighting Pharmacy Floor Lamp

This gorgeous brass lamp has an adjustable lamp head and pole so that you can get that light right where you want and need it. Lighting is one of those things that are oddly expensive, so having a beautiful option that doesn’t cost upwards of $300 is always a great find.

Buy it here.

Project 62 Large Hanging Succulents Wall Sculpture

Give your pretty plants a new home with this gorgeous wall sculpture. It’s an elevated way to show off your sweet green touches.

Buy it here.

2. Urban Outfitters

This is not the UO of our youths. Urban Outfitters’ home section has a serious selection of great affordable home décor options. I’m always drawn to their eclectic, colorful textiles and accents, and don’t worry, they have plenty of timeless sturdy staples if boho isn’t quite your vibe.

Aziza Printed Chenille Rug

This rug is currently on sale in various sizes, so snag it while you can! The vintage-inspired geometric design is interesting enough to draw the eye in but subtle enough that it will go perfectly with just about any aesthetic. It’s unique and oh-so-soft!

Buy it here.

Levy Storage Shelf

Need a simple yet aesthetically pleasing storage solution? Look no further than this handy storage shelf.

Buy it here.

3. Wayfair

You need it, Wayfair has it. This store has a wide assortment of home décor options and the prices really can’t be beaten. It’s especially handy if you’re looking for seating, ornamental touches, and even blankets and bedding.

Arend Velvet Pouf Ottoman

Poufs and ottomans are a great way to add additional seating to a space that also functions in the way a coffee table would. Prop a tray with some candles on it or throw your feet up for some quality Netflix time. It’s as bright and cheery as it is practical.

Buy it here.

Stainless Steel Mechanical Alarm Tabletop Clock

How chic is this alarm clock? Sometimes we just need to be woken up the old-fashioned way, and this beauty is the perfect way to do it. As someone who is oddly opposed to the aesthetic of clocks, I approve of this option!

Buy it here.

4. Amazon

For all its issues, Amazon is a great resource for cheap homé decor options. It does take a bit of digging through the weeds, but with careful keywords and specificity, it is a veritable treasure trove of interior design goodies. Besides, who doesn’t love the thrill of the hunt! Furniture, bedding, knick-knacks, accessories, and more. You want it? You got it.

Edison String Lights

Add some lovely lighting to your yard or patio with these gorgeous Edison string lights. They’ll never go out of style and elevate any outdoor space, no matter how small.

Buy it here.

Moon Lamp

Whether you need a night light for your kids or simply want to add a bit of ambiance to your living room, this moon lamp is a great Amazon find.

Buy it here.

5. World Market

If you’re looking for unique, multifunctional finds, then World Market is here for you. I love the various different global styles, the high-quality woods, and the attention to detail in so many of their products.

Ivory Faux Flokati Cypress Chair

The juxtaposition of the modern, brass legs with the softness of the faux fur makes this chair an utter delight. It’s the ultimate in cozy chic.

Buy it here.

Brass Magnifying Glass On Wood Stand

Practical and pleasing, this magnifying glass adds a functional decorative touch that is unexpected and slightly quirky without being overly eccentric.

Buy it here.

6. Etsy

I love supporting small businesses, and Etsy makes it easy to find great pieces from the comfort of home—we’re obsessed with sourcing vintage vessels on Etsy. Whether you’re looking for vintage furniture or want to support a local craftsperson, you can find what you need at Etsy.

Hexagon Floating Shelf Set 

Available in multiple sizes, this floating shelf set is the perfect way to display your plants, favorite knick-knacks, and more. Best of all, it’s customizable.

Buy it here.

Roma Pillar Natural Soy Beeswax Candles

These gorgeously designed pillar candles will be perfect for your next dinner party. The unique shape and color feels incredibly high-end and special, and you better believe that they’d go for double the price in a fancy boutique.

Buy it here.

7. Jungalow

If colorful and eclectic is the name of your game, then you need to check out Jungalow’s home goods immediately. They’re beautiful, unique, timeless, and best of all for every product purchased, two trees are planted. We love the Jungalow collection for Target too!

Kaya Shorty Ceramic Planter from Justina Blakeney

This is the shortest planter in Jungalow’s Kaya collection, and it’s a total statement piece. Designed by plant lovers, for plant lovers, it’s just as functional as it is decorative.

Buy it here.

Peach Dash Wall Hanging

Add a little texture to your wall with this fanciful decorative touch. It’s sweet enough to go in a kid’s room but cool enough to be in any room of the house and enjoyed by all.

Buy it here.


If you’ve been sleeping on IKEA or think you’ve outgrown their affordable wares, think again! This iconic Scandi brand always has innovative and exciting collaborations, great long-lasting staples, and beautiful decorative touches that can brighten up any home. I’m forever devoted to their comforters and accessories—they even have gorgeous planters for the green-thumbed among us.

ÄNGLARP Rattan Mirror

Looking to incorporate some rattan into your décor? Check out this simple, yet stylish, mirror from IKEA. Mirrors are one of those things that can be oddly and infuriatingly expensive, so it’s always nice to find one at a more reasonable price point.

Buy it here.

VIDSTRÄCKT Decoration Set

This pair of glazed stoneware rainbows will add a sweet touch to a dresser, bookshelf, or side table. They look like something you’d find in a chic boutique in Brooklyn, but at a third of the cost. And since they’re are fairly neutral, so they’ll slide right into any color palette.

Buy it here.

9. H&M Home

I’ll admit that when I first heard that H&M was adding a home section, I was slightly baffled. But I have happily been proven wrong. Their pieces—everything from linens to tableware to accessories—look high-end, have an interesting design point of view, and are surprisingly refined. Their linen sheet sets are as good as any fancy brand, the glasses and cups look like they’ve been handcrafted by makers from around the globe, and best of all, many are part of their Conscious Collection, with a focus on sustainably made products.

Thick Pile Bath Mat

I can’t get enough of the abstract pattern on this thick, soft woven bath mat. It’s evocative without being obvious, and the subtle shades keep it from overpowering even the smallest powder room.

Buy it here.

Glass Carafe

This carafe features bubbled glass with a spout on top, and it’s as lovely and reminiscent of a summer day on a Grecian shore.

Buy it here.

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