Hello March! Camille’s Letter from the Editor

See the world in Technicolor.

By Camille Styles

Every time I start to believe that I’m happiest surrounded by ivory, camel, and “greige” (it’s a thing and I love it) something happens: I catch sight of an amazing pair of forest green sneakers, a friend shows up with a bold red lip, or our art director Jenn Rose’s inspiration board for the month (see below) drops into my inbox, and I’m reminded that there’s no more instantaneous mood lifter than a dash of intense, beautiful color. As a kid, my earliest memory of color’s power was when I fell in love with the Cerulean shade in the Crayola box. It made me think of the ocean and of peacocks, and I just knew I needed more of it in my life. Color is what made me fall in love with Matisse’s cut-outs, Moroccan rugs, and macarons — and I’ve got to admit, Adam’s green eyes were the first thing I noticed about him.

As spring tiptoes onto the scene this month, I could not be happier to embrace color as our theme for March.

March Inspiration Board - all about color!

We’ll be sharing ideas for bringing more brilliance into our homes, cooking with spring’s most vibrant ingredients, and the colorful travel destinations you’ll want to add to your bucket list. I’m personally most excited about the incredible tastemakers we’ve interviewed at their homes in cities as diverse as New Orleans, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Sydney — the one thing they share is their pursuit of living life like they mean it

And ultimately, that’s our greatest wish for you this month. That you dive headlong into whatever it is you set your mind to, show up fully for the people in your lives, and even if you’re a neutral-loving gal like me, allow yourself to find joy in that swoon-worthy saffron throw pillow or the gorgeous spring strawberries on top of a shortcake. Even if it’s in the more figurative sense of the word, let’s all dare to bring a little color into our lives this month.

xo Camille

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Get turned on to everything colorful our editors are craving this month, from exotic cookbooks to boho home decor to spring’s best dresses. It’s good, people.

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