10 Fun Things to Do With Your Life in April

By Jenn Rose Smith

This month is one of the best times to be outside in Austin, and right now I’m feeling inspired to create some fresh outdoor entertaining stories for the blog. Between shoots, my calendar is full of concerts, crawfish boils, and all the fun outdoor events that happen in April in Austin. One of my favorites is the Waller Creek Picnic, where you’re likely to spot all the members of Team CS with our baskets and blankets. Wherever you live, I hope you’ll soak up some quality time outdoors and enjoy some of the things we’re excited about listed below. Here are ten fun ideas for how to make the most of your April:


Pre-order Anemone’s new album.

You get one fun summery single now (and can download the full album when it drops on April 27th!) We’re loving her retro dance vibes.


Get pumped to watch Elvis Presley: The Searcher on HBO April 14th.

This two part documentary got rave reviews last month when it screened here in Austin during SXSW. Somehow there hasn’t really been a definitive documentary on The King, and people are saying this is it. Even if you’re way too young to be familiar with his music, do not underestimate the electricity of a young, dreamy eyed Elvis. Be prepared to swoon.

image by nancy neil

Find a fun crawfish boil to attend (or host one yourself!)

If you live in Austin, be on the lookout for the annual Perla’s crawfish boil which usually happens in April.

Wear something floral.

Start eating a real breakfast again.

image by free people

Ditch the gym and workout outside.

Purify your drinking water with a stick of kishu binchotan charcoal.

Get the first ever cookbook from our friends at The Cook’s Atelier, out on April 10th!

In the meantime check out our gorgeous story featuring the mother-daughter team here.

Grab a cute picnic blanket and have a lunch under a tree.

If you live in Austin, look for Team CS at the annual Waller Creek Picnic! It’s one of our favorite events of the year.

image via design darling

Host a backyard croquet tournament.