Kids are especially good at finding joy in the holiday season. Maybe that’s because they’re typically not burdened with a lot of obligations, they expect good things, and most of all… they still believe. I recently saw the Vienna Boys Choir, who are currently touring the US, and it really was like being visited by angels on earth. The message was clear:

Your job this month is to awaken that childlike part of yourself, and joyfully receive the gifts right in front of you.

So between the obligations, between the stress, between all the hard travel days, remember to make time for whatever it is you truly want this year. (And if you need a bit of inspiration, scroll down for ten simple things you can look forward to.) From a beautiful new interiors book to actual sheep cuddles, this list is sure to bring out the kid in you. Enjoy every moment of this month, and I’ll see you in 2020. Merry Christmas, everyone.

featured photo by emerson fry

Listen to the new Molly Burch Christmas Album.

Watch Very Ralph, the new documentary on Ralph Lauren currently streaming on HBO.

Whip up a festive punch.

photo by emerson fry

Wear something sparkly.

Go see Portrait of a Lady on Fire, in theaters December 6th.

Order a copy of Kara Rosenlund’s new book, Weekends.

Give your best friend a copy of poet Cleo Wade’s newest book, Where to Begin.

Work this crazy hard jigsaw puzzle from the Moma Store, then frame it.

Check out the newest section of Air Bnb’s Experience offerings, simply called “Animals.” Yes, it’s real and you can now book a tea party for yourself and two Herdwick sheep in Stirling, England. You’re welcome.

Start a new tradition of your own.

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