Mailboxes are overflowing, cookies are in the oven, and entire guest bedrooms are being transformed into gift wrapping stations as we speak. December brings with it a special sort of crazy, and here at Team CS we’re all about savoring the joyful little moments amidst that chaos. While we often find ourselves scrambling to please others during the holiday season, it’s also important to make time for a few things that make you happy (whether that’s sipping hot chocolate or watching Love Actually for the 64th time.) It’s your life, so scroll down for ten fun ideas for what to do with it this month!

image by kristen kilpatrick

Fill the stockings with fresh fruit and nuts.

image by we are the rhoads

Actually get Dad something cool this year.

image by kristen kilpatrick

Mix up a fun holiday punch for your next gathering.

image by megan pflug

Decorate with tassels and greenery (here’s how). 

image by kristen kilpatrick

Drink red wine by a fireplace.

image by kristen kilpatrick

Watch It’s a Wonderful Life (again.)

image by hannah haston

Leave Santa the best cookies EVER.

image by lodge park

Hole up at one of these cozy winter escapes.

Go see The Favourite, a new film from The Lobster director Yorgos Lanthimos (starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz).

image by kristen kilpatrick

Wear only the coziest socks!

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