March is always a welcome visitor, and after a dreary winter we’re especially excited for shorts and tees again this year. Taking a cue from our monthly theme of color, we’ve rounded up ten bright ideas for what to do with your life this month. From colorful Mexican recipe ideas to crayola hued fanny packs for spring, your March should be anything but dull:

Learn authentic Mexican cooking from Enrique Olvera’s new book Tu Casa Mi Casa, out March 27th.

Get inspired by (or just drool over) the menu at All Time, the super hot new restaurant in Los Feliz.

photo by sarah falugo

Play princess for a weekend in one of these 8 real castles you can actually stay in.

True crime lovers rejoice — the super buzzed “Delhi Crime” that premiered at Sundance is coming to Netflix March 22nd. The show is based on a crime that actually happened in Delhi and the resulting nail-biting investigation that followed.

Learn to make the perfect Chai tea.

Swoon over the new Project62 + Leanne Ford Lighting Collection (and gasp at the crazy good prices.)

Start thinking about fanny packs again.

Finally have that money talk with your significant other.

Read this racy article on what’s going on in Tulum.

Visit a cheese shop and taste test a new favorite, then go home and perfect your cheese board arranging skills. 

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