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What To Do With Your Life in March

March 1st, 2018

So long February! We’re leaving you in the dry cleaning bag (along with this year’s sweaters and coats) and not looking back. March is always an exciting time in Austin because of SXSW, when our town population actually triples for 10 days. Okay, that’s actually an unverified rumor… but I can vouch that it feels true!  Weather you’re coming in for the festival, spring breaking, or simply enjoying warmer temps, here are some fun ideas for how you can make the most of this month:

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  1. I love picnics! Happy that season is coming back ’round, along with the BBQ season.
    If I don’t dry my hair, though, my scalp feels cold and then I feel sick so unfortunately, don’t think I can completely stop doing that until the weather gets much, much warmer. I can’t wait for that time, though. Then i can dry in front of the fan or something. Blowdrying takes up so much time with long hair, I hate it.

  2. Janet Fazio says:

    March had started off with a bang in the Bay Area – thunder that is – and pouring rain. Hopefully, spring weather will be here soon because I absolutely LOVE the idea of a picnic instead of happy hour.

  3. dariaed says:

    Thank you so much for taking your time and sharing this!
    I know how much work it takes to have your blog up to speed.
    During spring I love going on picnics and bike rides!


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