What to Do With Your Life in September

It’s not ALL about shopping.

By Jenn Rose Smith

After the sleepy months of summer, there’s an exciting energy in our office as we begin to plan fall content for the months ahead. September is a time for small resolutions, and our team is pumped about going into fall with a fresh focus on living our best lives every day. Personally, I’ve been working on taking more risks and planning some epic trips for the months to come. Whether you’re headed back to work, packing your kids off to school every morning, or simply excited about the start of a new season, you can make the most of the next 30 days with these 10 fun ideas for what to do with your life in September.

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Paint something green.

Go see Ethan Hawke’s new film, Blaze, about the legendary singer songwriter Blaze Foley. (Trust me, it’s absolutely beautiful.)

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Get sh*t DONE in a new pair of sneakers.

Listen to RF Shannon’s new album, Trickster’s Blues, for a desert road trip or your first fall happy hour. You should also jam out to our September playlist while you’re at it! 

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Try CBD oil.

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Stop and take a closer look at your relationship to social media (and join us for the first ever CS Social Media Makeover Challenge!)

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Do a massive closet clean out.

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Define new morning rituals.

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Make healthy snacks to take to the office.

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Ditch the gym membership and start working out at home