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Jasmine Love

It seems that every time I visit a new destination, I somehow fall head-over-heels for a certain scent that comes to represent the place in my memories. There were the rose gardens in Paris… the lavender in Tuscany… then the diffusers that smelled like sea salt and were placed in every corner of our hotel… read more

Summer Cooking Party with Athena & Eden

There’s nothing I love more than inviting a girl friend to come hang out in my kitchen: cooking together, comparing recipe notes, opening a bottle of wine and inevitably sharing lots of laughs. Two of my favorite foodie gals recently got together and did all of the above, and blogger-designer Athena Calderone was sweet enough… read more

Love + Work :: Sea Chant

“There are moments when we are looking at something we made together and it’s exactly what we have been dreaming and envisioning, something we could only create together…and it’s just really satisfying and full of love-feelings,” says Carissa Gallo, one half of the cutie couple behind Sea Chant, a photo/directing duo based out of Portland,… read more

From Camille’s Kitchen :: Peach Shortcakes with Lavender Cream

Even in today’s world where you can get pretty decent strawberries, citrus, and other produce all year round (imported of course, but totally edible), peaches are one of those items that should be reserved for summertime only. The flavorless and mealy stone fruit that pop up in grocery stores out-of-season barely resemble the sweet, luscious… read more

10 Best :: Travel Instagrammers

Summer is for travel, and there’s no better way to document your latest bout of jet setting than with that oh-so-handy iPhone. It’s time to ditch the hefty family cam and opt out for that little device of pure technological genius. Our social platform of choice? Always Instagram! In the spirit of adventure, we’ve rounded… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Natural Selection

If you’re a person who loves design, you may find yourself prone to short-lived love affairs with trends (read: phases). I’m no different, I’ve been through neon jeans, ikat prints, and yes — I even had my moment with the chevron. That’s why when I find something that appeals to my “forever taste”, I know… read more

Weekend Notes

Hello, hello! It’s a big weekend around here… we celebrated Chanel’s birthday yesterday (hence the huge cup of coffee in my hand as I recover from last night’s “punch”), and now we’re all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our editor-in-chief Lauren’s baby tomorrow! Can’t believe there’s going to be a newborn in our midst, and… read more

10 Best :: Cherry Desserts

Today’s 10 Best is dedicated to my mom, the world’s biggest cherry lover. Every year for as long as I can remember, the moment that cherries hit peak-of-season, she heads to the grocery and picks up a big bag which she “accidentally” devours on the car ride home.  As wonderful as they are eaten fresh out… read more

At the Table :: A Moroccan Summer

When I think about travel, I long for exotic locales like Africa and India. I wanted to create a table scape that felt like a departure just by sitting down around it. The colors in India and Morocco are super rich and vibrant, so I chose a palette that would reflect those intense reds, greens, yellows… read more

The Decoder :: Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

In my summerland fantasy, I make like Anne Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth’s character in Blue Crush, one of my favorite movies as a teen) and simply brush my teeth before putting on my bikini, grabbing my surfboard, and dashing to the ocean to hang ten. Unfortunately, my reality is a little more complicated (girly?) than that —… read more

How to :: Avoid the Comparison Game

We’ve all felt it: the slight gnawing twinge of discontent (or maybe it’s even evolved into a slight depression) that pops up after spending time scrolling through our social media feeds. Call it what you want — envy, jealousy, FOMO — but there’s no doubt it’s often a result when we allow ourselves to play the… read more