Bring It Home:: The Importance of Editing

This home on the cover of Vogue Living, like most homes on the cover of Vogue Living, doesn’t exactly scream accessible. Even if you were blessed with a budget that could accommodate this space, how does anyone keep all that white clean, where is all of their stuff? But I firmly believe that with a bit… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Take a Hike

If today’s inspiration board doesn’t make you itch for a dose of the great outdoors, I don’t know what will.  A friend of mine spontaneously headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park last week, and looking at his photos got me reminiscing about the countless summer hikes and camping trips I took growing up, and… read more

Weekend Notes

The past week has been made up of some really lovely days: working in the morning, spending the afternoons with Phoebe swimming in the pool and making popsicles, and enjoying milder-than-usual (for Austin) summer evenings sipping rosé on the patio with Adam while our dinner cooks away on the grill. I’ve definitely been making an… read more

10 Best :: Summer Hats

One of the best things about summer is fully indulging my love affair with hats. (You’ll rarely see me on a hot day without my favorite straw fedora from JM Drygoods.) It’s an accessory that serves so many purposes: protecting fair skin from the harsh summer sun, adding a bit of flair to a ho-hum… read more

Bring It Home :: A Creative Mood

“Art is inspirational. It sets a creative mood and tone that pushes our boundaries and outlook on life, like art is supposed to” says Leanne Citrone of her art-filled Los Angeles home. And I wholeheartedly agree. I loved seeing how  Citrone and her husband incorporated their impressive modern art collection into their house in the last Domino… read more

Dream Job :: Travel Writer

When I think of travel, two perfect words come to mind: rest and relaxation. It’s my time to turn off the technology, open my favorite book and put my tired feet up (preferably on the beach). This isn’t the case for Stirling Kelso…traveling is her job, albeit one she loves, so naturally her trips look… read more

Pretty Simple :: Coral Lip

This summer I’m finding myself skipping the reds and pinks and going for a bright coral lip. As with any bold lip color, you can go lighter on other areas on your face and let the lips take center stage — that means high impact with a minimal effort (which is an A+ in my… read more

How To :: Shop Smart for Antiques

Downton I adore you, but my first love on PBS will always be Antiques Roadshow. If you haven’t already discovered it for yourself, the show is part adventure, part history lesson, and part treasure hunt for those who love history and stories revealed through unique objects. With the Roadshow stopping in Austin this year to… read more

DIY :: Wood Pennant Banner

While I could find reasons to argue each season as my favorite, I have a real soft spot for summer. I love the imagery of summertime: crystal clear swimming holes in the heat of the day, watermelon out on the back porch and cracking open a few cold beers on a warm summer evening with… read more

Besties :: Kate and Claire

When we first created the Besties series on the site, I had this particular pair of stylish creatives in the back of my mind. Claire Zinnecker and Kate Stafford Weaver have both long been part of the Camille Styles team (Kate lends her photographic eye to Pretty Simple and Claire has created dozens of ingenious… read more