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10 most breathtaking loft spaces

10 Best Loft Spaces

By / February 27th

Living in a loft has its ups and downs. The pros: high ceilings, large windows and exposed brick or concrete walls. I was practically sold when I saw the open floorpan at our …read more

How to give a great massage

How to Give a Great Massage

By / February 12th

I never thought of myself as having much of an addictive personality. In fact, I’ve always been quite the opposite — rather than latching onto a habit, my hobbies and interests are …read more

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The Art of Layering

By / February 12th

I’ll never forget my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend: we had only been dating a few months, and as rather unenlightened wee things we got dolled up and trekked …read more

Mod Valentine's Day Inspiration

Modern Love

By / February 9th

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, folks. We’re keeping the festivities going this week with lots more romance-inspired recipes, do-it-yourself crafts, and ideas to incorporate into your own V-day festivities. But first, this …read more


Raspberry Rose Cocktail

By / February 5th

ed. note: Today’s mouthwatering cocktail recipe comes to us from Kristin Alexander – design darling, entertaining guru, and the founder of California-based Esoteric Events. Keep reading for all the delicious details, and …read more

DIY Valentine's Wall Decal

Valentine’s Wall Decal

By / February 3rd

I’ve often wondered why we don’t deck out our homes for Valentine’s Day the way we do for other holidays. Think about it: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or in my case, Hannukah) …read more