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Rachel Blumenthal

By / May 19th

Explaining why Rachel Blumenthal is awesome in one short paragraph is no easy feat. With a stellar background in the fashion industry (think YSL and Rachel Leigh Jewelry and Warby Parker), it’s no surprise …read more

inspired by safari green

Safari Green

By / May 18th

So, I’m calling it right now: safari green is my color this summer. It’s on my nails, it’s in my closet, I’ve even gone as far as gifting it to friends and family (whether …read more

besties Duffy & Christy shop at East Austin Succulents

Duffy & Christy

By / May 14th

If it’s true that you are the company you keep, I want an invitation to join this friend group stat. Duffy Stone and Christy Curcuru are creative girls about town here …read more

Inspired by Jasmin

Blooming Jasmine

By / May 4th

Is jasmine blooming where you are? The unmistakable scent of the precious white blooms is filling the streets in Texas, and there’s no better indicator of spring. Though it only …read more


Fruity Candy Bar Wrappers

By / April 30th

Around here, nothing’s more exciting than getting our hands on a new tech gadget, so when the Sprout by HP arrived on our office doorstep, we couldn’t unpack the thing fast enough. …read more

Fiesta Table Settings

A Whimsical Fiesta

By / April 29th

Stepping into Love Ding is an interior design junkie’s dream: mid century furnishings and bohemian vintage pieces from all around the globe. And maybe it’s the clean palette with pops of …read more

Loomed NOLA Turkish towels


By / April 23rd

We’ve all seen the Turkish towels that seem to be on the shelves of nearly every major retailer. And if I’m being honest, until recently I didn’t see what the fuss …read more

Juley Le entertaining with dog

Juley Le

By / April 20th

Do you ever wish you could streamline your aesthetic? As someone who dances up and down the style spectrum (urban one day, preppy the next; neutral-loving today, color-hungry tomorrow), I’ve …read more