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Jessi of The Darling Detail with her King Charles Cavalier, Chloe

Jessi & Chloe

By / April 28th

During her time on the Camille Styles team, Jessi was obsessed with dogs. The two of us would unwind at the end of almost every workday by googling puppy photos and researching breeds… in …read more

Colombia travel guide


By / April 6th

I always feel a little bit of anxiety in the days leading up to a big international trip: Are all our transportation and accommodations accounted for? Am I going to get along with …read more

basil limeade... yum!

Basil Limeade

By / April 5th

Click here to see more photos from our bohemian Earth Day picnic! *photography by Buff Strickland

homemade tuna nori hand rolls

Nori Hand Rolls

By / March 29th

I love the idea of homemade sushi as much as the next girl, but in my experience, eating my own tightly rolled creations never tastes quite as satisfying as the fare …read more

inspired by spring showers

Spring Showers

By / March 28th

The weather in Austin couldn’t be better today. Mid-60’s and not a cloud in the sky, it’s truly the definition of a perfect Spring day. So would you believe me if I’d …read more