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DIY Halloween Monster Favor Bags

Monster Favor Bags

By / October 7th

Ah, the magic of googly eyes. How is it that they’re so simple, yet as soon as they’re placed on any inanimate object, it’s brought to life? I love testing that theory …read more

homemade pizza

Shannon Eddings

By / October 6th

Whoever said kids have no place at a cocktail party must have never met Shannon Eddings. Not unlike her interiors, this Austinite’s gatherings are classic and tasteful, but always with a hint of …read more

Lemon Vinaigrette Cole Slaw

Lemon Vinaigrette Cole Slaw

By / October 1st

Click here to continue reading Catherine Stiles’ Bloody Mary Brunch! “Easy Cole Slaw that goes great with barbecue. A nice lemon flavor to cleanse the palette.” – Catherine Stiles