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a greyhound named aqua girl

Claire & Aqua Girl

By / September 7th

Claire Craig is one of our ultimate girl-about-Austin crushes. Not only is she the owner of one of our favorite local boutiques, but she’s got a sense of humor and a …read more

Chanel Dror's wedding inspiration

Organic Romance

By / August 22nd

It feels like every couple days I’m asked what my “wedding colors” are, and each time, I offer the same underwhelming answer: “I… don’t really have any?” Sure, there’ll be plenty of white and …read more

gorgeous israeli breakfast spread. NOMS!

How to Make an Israeli Breakfast

By / August 15th

Confession: I’ve never understood sweets for breakfast. Pancakes? Donuts? Cinnamon rolls? How are those not considered desserts?! Now now, before you write me off, you have to understand that my judgy palette …read more

Nothin cuter than a girl and her bicycle

Weekend Notes

By / August 7th

Hey y’all! Camille’s on a family beach vacation in Florida this weekend, so I’ll be stepping in today with our weekly update. What’s new with me? Well, at the risk of …read more

Juley Le and her Boston Terrier

Juley & Jameson

By / July 27th

Juley Le describes falling for her Boston Terrier as “love at first sight,” and we believe it. Because ever since we laid our eyes on Jameson in this entertaining story about Juley, …read more