Break out the Tim Burton and candy corn, y’all — the most magical time of the year is here! For me (and all the other Halloween obsessed weirdos out there) that can only mean OCTOBER. Halloween basically started yesterday at my house, and won’t be over until November 1st. I’ll be celebrating all month long with candles, scary movies, and plenty of freaky synth-ed out jams. But don’t be scared — for those of you who don’t plan costumes all year long, I’ve got some fun non-Halloween ideas for you, too. Scroll down for ten fun things to do in October, and at the very least, wear something black.

Be the first to hear Molly Burch’s dreamy new album, First Flower, when it drops on October 5th.

photo by laura alexandra

Savor all the fall flavors with these apple, radicchio and pomegranate quesadillas.

photo by tifforelie

Invite friends over to make s’mores in the backyard (or in the kitchen!)

photo by cory ryan

Make a date night out of browsing a retro video store and renting an 80’s horror movie.

photo by allen daniel for grasie mercedes

Wear something fringed.

photo by hannah haston

Burn palo santo before dinner.

image via pinterest

Read Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album by the producer who saw it all from behind the scenes.

photo by kristen kilpatrick

DIY an amazing Halloween costume.

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