Almost all of us feel the rush to get out the door (or to the home office) in the morning. Believe me, I know: the struggle is real. And since it’s easy to make and take a breakfast that doesn’t give you the energy your morning needs, it may be time to try out a few simple new recipes to reboot your breakfast routine.

Don’t let hectic mornings get in the way of a healthy, satisfying breakfast that’ll start the day right. These quick recipes, from quinoa oatmeal to egg white bites, are nourishing and easy to whip together fast.

Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, there are nutritious breakfast options here that can be prepared in ten minutes or less. With a little thought and planning, transforming your weekday breakfast routine is easier than you think. Give these recipes a go and add a little spice to your morning!

Yogurt Toast with Peanut Butter and Banana

Why We Love It: Camille’s take on the baked custard toast trend, this spin uses a pared-back approach that couldn’t be tastier. With just a few ingredients, it manages to pack plenty of varied textures and flavors (crunchy, creamy, nutty, and sweet) while also filling you up with a little AM goodness.

Hero Ingredient: Melty, drippy peanut butter drizzled on top is my idea of breakfast heaven.

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie From Eating Bird Food

Why We Love It: OK, so you wake up early with a little time set aside to make yourself something special. If you really want to change up your breakfast routine, you’ll be making this. It’s proof that if wholesome ingredients (berries, oats, bananas, and more) can be consumed first thing in cookie form, then you can really do anything.

Hero Ingredient: Banana not only keeps your cookie together, but it flavors your treat with a subtle, natural sweetness.

3 Bloat-Beating Smoothies

Why We Love It: I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen prettier smoothies than these. This trio of drinkable breakfast options comes from none other than our very own wellness expert, Edie Horstman. Designed specifically to help relieve bloat, these morning meal options color the rainbow with nutrient-dense deliciousness. Bottoms up!

Hero Ingredient: While each of these smoothies is a bit different from one another, they rely on fruit for fiber-filled sweetness and those gorgeous vibrant hues.

Citrus & Ricotta Breakfast Bowls From Baked Greens

Why We Love It: I will never understand why some people turn their noses up at ricotta. It’s tangy and light, but simultaneously sweet and creamy. In other words, it’s a perfect food, and when spooned into a bowl and topped with my favorite citrus fruits, hemp hearts, and honey and olive oil, then folks, you have magic in a bowl.

Hero Ingredient: That drizzle of olive oil does beautiful things for bringing out the flavor of your bowl’s other components. Plus, a little savory sweetness goes a long way.

Breakfast Taco Bowls From the Defined Dish

Why We Love It: Breakfast tacos are delicious on their own, but for some reason when you put them into bowl form, they become all the more crave-worthy. And sure, while sometimes I find that I miss the taco, having them deconstructed like this lets all the other ingredients shine.

Hero Ingredient: Sprinkling cumin into your ground meat mixture gives it a nice kick of smoky, spicy flavor.

The Ultimate Bagel Breakfast Sandwich From What’s Gaby Cooking

Why We Love It: I’ve met many a breakfast sandwich that I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with. So when I came across this recipe claiming to be the “ultimate” take, I was suspicious. Cut to me agreeing with the name wholeheartedly—this sandwich is a stacked sight to behold.

Hero Ingredient: Why is avocado the perfect food? Because when you take a bite of a creamy slice, euphoria occurs.

Baked Blueberry Lemon French Toast From Damn Delicious

Why We Love It: French toast? On a Monday? Better believe it. The key to making this indulgence happen in the morning is to utilize its make-ahead method. Essentially a casserole/bread pudding-hybrid, this dish can be assembled in advance the night before. All you have to do in the morning is pop it in the oven and take in all the sweet smells.

Hero Ingredient: Fluffy, light, and sweet, Hawaiian bread is the perfect vehicle for soaking up all that beautifully yummy French toast batter.

Easy Breakfast Salad From Eating Bird Food

Why We Love It: Did I lose you at salad? Trust me—you’re going to want to stick around for this. While some might see salads simply as a way to get all your vitamins and nutrients at once, I’m a bit more optimistic that there’s plenty of goodness to be had. My proof? The roasted cauliflower, eggs, and avocado vary the texture, creating mouth-feel and interest. Everything a satisfying meal should have.

Hero Ingredient: I’m a strong believer that when you put a fried, poached, over-easy, or prepared-any-way egg on top of a dish, you’ve made yourself a meal.

California Style Tofu Scramble Burrito

Why We Love It: I won’t lie to you, it took me a minute to get on board with breakfast burritos. They just felt too heavy first thing in the morning. But here, because the burrito is vegan (making do with a scrambled mix of tofu, pinto beans, and quinoa), I’m getting my fill without feeling weighed down. And the flavor… this is beyond good.

Hero Ingredient: Nutritional yeast gives your burrito a cheesy, savory flavor without any dairy in sight. Pure genius.

Quinoa Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl From Love & Lemons

Why We Love It: Tired of your plain old oats? Here’s your answer. This dish is vegan and gluten-free, so if you’re eating with either or both of those sensitivities, know that you have this colorful, perfect-for-summer breakfast option on the table.

Hero Ingredient: I’ll leave it to the toppings here. No breakfast bowl is complete without your favorite combo of fruit, nuts, and of course, a healthy drizzle of maple syrup.

Breakfast Quesadilla with Soft Scrambled Eggs and Avocado Salsa From Half Baked Harvest

Why We Love It: The gorgeous photography aside, the visual presentation of this quesadilla is unmatched. I can practically feel my teeth sinking into the crispy tortilla, making my way to the cheesy and comforting filling. Stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and a whole mix of veggies, this is the definition of a complete, balanced breakfast.

Hero Ingredient: Top my quesadillas with a little spicy avocado? Don’t mind if I do.

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Berry Muffins

Why We Love It: These are still one of our most popular recipes on the site—and for good reason. Not only are they a gorgeous sight to behold (berries bring the color!), but they also deliver plenty of anti-inflammatory goodness. Need a way to work a little more turmeric into your day? Drop the golden milk latte—here’s how it’s done.

Hero Ingredient: The true champ of this powerhouse breakfast? Cardamom infuses your muffins with a lightly sweet, floral flavor that still packs some spice.

Raspberry Chia Yogurt Pudding

Why We Love It: This is not your typical chia pudding, just as it’s not your run-of-the-mill parfait breakfast. It manages to be something in between, pulling the best from both options for a hybrid morning meal. Bonus: It’s not even really a recipe, more of a formula, meaning it couldn’t be simpler to either assemble the night before or layer up in a jar and enjoy with ease.

Hero Ingredient: I’m the kind of girl who always needs some crunch. Here, I can thank the granola for giving my breakfast cravings exactly what they ask for.

Gluten Free Waffle Sandwich by the Defined Dish

Why We Love It: I love me a good breakfast sandwich, and while my hope is that it’ll always be amazing, the formula’s so good that I can make do with much less. Thankfully though, this waffle sandwich is guaranteed goodness. It’s crispy, crunchy, meaty, and cheesy—basically my four favorite adjectives, all in one sammy.

Hero Ingredient: Waffles in place of your English muffins? Innovative.

Copycat Starbucks Egg White Bites

Why We Love It: Feel free to skip the Starbucks drive-thru—courtesy of these better-than-the-real-thing egg white bites. They’re a simple, delicious way to get a ton of energy-boosting protein first thing in the morning. Plus, they’re meal prep-friendly. Win, win, and win.

Hero Ingredient: These egg white bites are, by definition, super light. But thanks to the Monterey jack cheese, they have a little heft and a touch of indulgence.

This post was originally published on June 26, 2019 and has since been updated.

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    Emily June 28, 2019 at 6:53 am

    The oatmeal breakfast bowl and the taco bowl look absolutely delicious! This post is perfectly timed as I am really struggling with breakfast ideas at the moment but now I’ll try some of these.

    Emily | Snippets of Em xx